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Our company works with material that is already 40 years in the construction market. The company's management has extensive experience in construction projects in our country and abroad. Due to expansion, the management has established Komplexx Group focusing on the South American market.
The constantly-moving work in the technical parameters, the highest accuracy for the guarantee of quality and sophisticated logistics enable us to realize our projects in a matter of days, compared to most competitors, whose projects last for months. It is a system of construction of the third millennium, which uses modern materials of superior quality. All materials are recyclable and disposable, without damaging the environment.
The use of sandwich panels system can achieve very high energy performance without having to enlarge the area of construction, or reduce the inhabited area. The ease of construction allows to reduce the consumption of the base material used and also reduce the overall costs. Production of sandwich panels in an automatic production line provides a high level of accuracy that allows you to perform final work in very high quality.

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